While education is generally acclaimed as the bedrock of national development, it remains puzzling that of late, educational standards in the country have been witnessing a steady decline.

On this basis, Westerfield College, in partnership with the top universities in the world is trying to reverse the trend by advocating for the introduction of more educational institutions in the country that would prepare students for higher education and address the poor quality of graduates churned out yearly.

Why Westerfield?

  • Study at Nigeria's BEST sixth-form college with Cambridge certified tutors
  • Over 800 Nigerian successfully placed at Universities abroad
  • 100% visa success
  • Exotic educational tour
  • Students' consistent high achievements leading to international scholarships
  • Most modern living environment (en-suite bed rooms, gym, 6 halls, sports, satellite TV, internet)
  • A' levels progression into 2nd year of Nigerian universities

What’s New


Cultural Day
We celebrated our great country, Nigeria in grand style on our cultural day. Cultural day was a day which the students of Westerfield College celebrated ethnic and tribal unity. We had an array of different ethnic dishes (Banga, Efo-riro and Oha). Also the students looked dashing in their cultural attires as they celebrated their cultural values and Nigeria as a whole.


Entrance Examination
Entrance Exam for January intake into Westerfield College for foundation programme into Universities abroad is on. To choose the exam center closest to you call:08081909281, 08081909282, 08081909283, 08035552005..


Core Value


Our vision is to be the foremost development channel, providing opportunities and grounds for the realisation of human innate potentials, to help his community and self.


We want to develop a world class learning environment, comparable with any similar institution anywhere in the world.


  K n o w l e d g e
  I n n o v a t i o n
  S e r v i c e

Hear from Students


Ahmad Kolo, ICT @ University of Essex
"Thanks Westerfield, for the exposure you provided . It has given me confidence to face academics in University of Essex today. My family and I are happy and grateful".


Stephanie Ata , Aerospace Eng. UH
" …the leadership of Westerfield as not only helped in bridging a path for Nigerian students to school abroad…but to ensure that Westerfield becomes a place for enlightenment and character development".