The overall purpose of our programme is to develop your child into a student with ability to thrive in a variety of universities. Our programmes are specifically designed to prepare your child to meet and surpass the needs of international universities.

American Transfer Pathway

The ATP provides a smooth access to achieving a student dream degree from an American University. It is a one year programme, taught over a period of 3 semesters.

On successful completion of the ATP, Students progress into the 2nd year of their degree at any of our numerous partner universities in the USA.

The programme is built to give students adequate academic, cultural preparation and support services needed to be successful in America as well as globally.

Cambridge A-Level

The A Level programme taught at Westerfield helps students achieve their fullest potentials. The course is an academically intensive programme split into two parts- AS and A2.

Westerfield College has a reputation for academic achievement with most of our students consistently achieving high grades in their A Level results ranging from Bs to A*

The A Level result ensures entry into all courses at undergraduate level in Universities overseas and at second year in Nigerian Universities.

NOTE: The A Level programme is for standard 18month or 24 months. However, there is an accelerated A Level which is for 12 months but it would only be considered for an extremely academic sound student.

Pre-Medical Foundation

The Pre-Medical Foundation program is a bespoke program for the training of future doctors and surgeons. The course is an intensive full-year academic and professional preparation for the rigors of a medical degree. The hands-on approach of the course inculcates exposure to medical practice as a standard component of the training at Westerfield College.

Successful students from our pre-med programme progress into 2nd year of the medical degree at our partner medical university, St. Georges University in Grenada, West Indies.

Our students also progress to medical colleges in the UK and rest of Europe.

UK Foundation Program

The UFP is an academically intensive course delivered over a period of one year and is focused on a named specialist pathway.  Each specialist pathway is divided into two modules; core and general module.

The core modules are linked into the curriculum of the intended degree whilst the general modules help students develop generic skills in study strategy in a challenging University environment, as well as equip students with key computing and IT skills to be able to independently research and survive a rigorous higher educational academic life.

The foundation programme ensures entry into the first year of a 3 year degree in the UK.

Student progression

Since inauguration in 2011, our students have progressed to universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Hungary, Spain and Grenada.


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