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Praise is a graduate of Westerfield College and now studies Law at the Cardiff University, UK.

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Praise 350 5

Westerfield College is simply the best!!!

My name is Oluwadamilola Praise Davies, a Law Student of Cardiff University, UK and a proud graduate of Westerfield College 2017/2018 session.

Life in university so far has been very pleasant. The work load has been just as expected, maybe just a little more, the people here are super nice, helpful and approachable.

The system is definitely very different from the one back home. As 1st year law students, lectures are quite brief, 2hrs max, in a day. While tutorials are much longer and more interactive: Here we are grouped into smaller groups of about 15 students. For tutorials, you need to have prepared answers to the questions on a particular topic. In order to answer these questions, you will need to have read extensively; not just the textbooks but also articles and journals.

Also, we have had a class test which was more like a mock just to help us have an idea of how examination conditions are like and to help us know if we are doing enough work based on our grades. We will get feedback from the test and advice on what we should have done better.

Furthermore, we have many career events; respectable law firms from all over the country come around to give talks and offer opportunities to us. One amazing thing is that the university not only promotes opportunities for students who what to practice law professionally (eg as barristers or solicitors), but they also make us aware of opportunities outside the legal profession that are available to us when we have a degree in Law.

In all, I am super happy I choose Cardiff University, I strongly believe I made the right choice and this is where I’ll like to begin on how Westerfield College has had an impact on my education here;

First, I got to know know about Cardiff University through Westerfield – Mrs Sheri made sure she gave me the list of the best Universities for my course and their requirements. These information helped me to be focused by giving me goals that I aimed  to achieve. In the end I was able to not just get admission into about 4 universities but I was offered scholarships as well!

Secondly, the most of the courses I did in Westerfield are extremely relevant to the modules I’m taking now. I’m presently doing 3 of the 5 law courses I did in Westerfield. The knowledge I got from Westerfield really gave me a foundation that is really helping me understand those areas of law such that it is easier to build on it.

The knowledge I got from Westerfield really gave me a foundation that is really helping me understand those areas of law such that it is easier to build on it.

(A big shout out to all my teachers, God bless you ma’s nd sirs, you are world class teachers!). Similarly Literature I did back in college is really helping me in wrting my essays and the knowledege of Microsoft applications that I learnt in ICT has been quite helpful too.

Finally, work experience! I saved this important one for last… lol. I’m very grateful that Westerfield gave us the opportunity to learn outside the classrooms. Because it helped me confidently decide to study Law. Also, the internship I did looks really good on my CV when I want to apply for paralegal work or even internships in law firms here!

Also, the internship I did when at Westerfield looks really good on my CV when I want to apply for paralegal work or even internships in law firms here!

A big thank you to the management and staff of Westerfield College.

God bless!