The stories from parents and corroboration by students of changed lives, improved personalities & realization of dreams is our biggest claim to fame.

Westerfield College is set up as both a place for the building of very high academic achievement as well as a loving environment which allows the full development of innate abilities & creative talents.

Our deliberate youthful & supportive environment is ideal for the all-round development of every student who walks through our door.

– Michael Dosunmu (Managing Director)


A one year programme, taught over a period of 3 semesters, which provides smooth access to achieving your dream degree from an American University.

A challenging and inspiring programme designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in Canadian institutions.

An academically intensive course delivered over a period of one year and is focused on a named specialist pathway.

The A Level result ensures entry into all courses at undergraduate level in universities overseas and at 2nd year in Nigerian Universities.

This course is an intensive full-year academic and professional preparation for the rigors of a medical degree.

Successful students’re guaranteed progression into 2nd year of their chosen degree at any of our partner universities in Nigeria.


Career Pathways


Student Destinations


Parent’s Satisfaction



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