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Benefits of Attending a Sixth-Form College in Nigeria.

Benefits of attending a sixth form college in Nigeria

A sixth-form college should be considered as the next phase of your child’s life if you think your child is too young to go directly into the university. Ideally, a sixth form college is mostly for students who would like to travel abroad for their higher education. This is because the majority of the universities abroad require you to have an A-levels result which is a step ahead of the O-level/GCSE result.

If you would like to study in a university in Nigeria, you can also attend a sixth form college, the advantage is that you will go directly into 200 level as a direct entry student instead of starting from 100 level.

Here are a few benefits of attending a sixth form college:

  • Advanced Learning Environment

A sixth form college learning environment setting is different from that of a secondary school. In a sixth-form college, teachers are focused on delivering courses to students in a conducive environment and in an innovative and creative manner.

The purpose of a sixth form college in Nigeria is to prepare students for the next phase of their lives in the university.

A sixth form college allows you to offer the subjects of your choice relating to the course you would like to study thereby giving you the opportunity and advantage to learn the foundation and basic courses of your discipline.

  • Freedom/Independence

The sixth form colleges in Nigeria offer independence to students which covers the gap between a secondary school and a university.

Students are made to take responsibility for themselves in a sixth form college with little supervision.

  • Building Relationships

The majority of the sixth form colleges in Nigeria are boarding schools, it gives room for students to bond and creates friendship. I

The sixth-form college is a place to meet people and build lasting relationships and connections. Some students end up going to the same university abroad and thereby they keep each other’s company when they travel abroad for studies. This way the difficult phase of loneliness experienced by international students is mitigated and they can settle down easily and adapt quickly to life abroad.

  • Development and Growth

There is an opportunity for growth and self-development in a sixth-form college and there is a perfect balance between freedom and discipline. Since students are given a certain measure of freedom, they then cultivate the habit of learning without being forced to.


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