To ensure students achieve their ambitions, our college is located in Lagos Mainland and has been designed to be as distraction-free as possible.

    To facilitate effective learning, we have carefully crafted our building to suit students from a variety of backgrounds and with different learning styles. The learner-centered structure of our lecture rooms ensures that every student has equal access to their instructors, as well as the interactive classroom boards.
    Nothing beats a schooling environment where students can instantly and continuously practice all they have learnt. This is an area we have explored effectively as custom-built facilities such as a moot court, a business suite, media Laboratory, among others, are regularly used to facilitate learning processes in the college.
    Our chemistry, physics and biology laboratories are equipped with relevant equipment which helps speed students comprehension rates.
    A conventional library can be a boring place to visit. However, that is far from what we have at Westerfield College. As much as we have a comprehensive stack of academic materials in our library, there is an array of non-academic but educative collection that students find amusing and helpful.
    These days, everyone loves to digest information directly from a screen. Besides, the internet arguably has more content than any physical library does. This is why we have made provisions for an electronic library that gives our students instant access to huge database of valuable educational materials. Continuous efforts are made to ensure that these materials are constantly updated, and when the need arises, new sets are integrated.
    We believe that appropriate feeding is a crucial propellant for a sound and retentive mind and as a result, our cafeteria has been specifically built to help students eat comfortably and take short naps during a recess.

While usages are actively monitored, all students at Westerfield College have express access to the internet. Usage access is monitored to block access to inappropriate websites.

We have equally been able to create an ideal balance between academic and social/recreational activities. Our students are given an enabling environment— in and outside the classroom, to interact with each other. More so, periodic social events and excursions are fused into our activities.