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It’s Literary Week at Westerfield College!

The literary week is a week-long program that aims at fostering the love for literature and Africanism amongst the students of Westerfield College.

This is the college’s way of celebrating brilliant minds and outstanding students in various competitions which cut across various extra-curricular activities such as drama, debate, poetry, public speaking, quizzes, and the annual cultural day event.

It also helps students to build their literary skills and achieve excellence in the English language.

It’s Importance

  • This is one week that motivates and encourages students to read outside what they are taught in class.

Through this, they are made to understand that reading accelerates success.

  • Students through their literary week are introduced to a lot of new information and learning systems.

For instance, this year’s debate is going to be based on the British Parliamentary Debate style.

Students will be debating local topics with an internationally recognized style of debate.

  • The literary week enhances students’ skills and capabilities. It goes a long way in discovering and nurturing new talents.
  • Winners of different competitions automatically become representatives of the college in outdoor competitions.
  • This week also fosters bonding and interpersonal relationships as students from different pathways are put into diverse groups to compete thereby teaching the students teamwork.


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