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My Mum Helps Others See Hope Even in The Hardest of Times

Meet Nwadiuto Elochukwu, our student of the month for March 2019.

Elochukwu was recognized for his impressive academic performance in the month in review and his exemplary qualities.

Let’s hear a little from him


Westerfield College: Congratulations on winning this award Elochukwu, so name one person who has had the most influence on your life and explain why

Elochukwu: – My Mum. She is always optimistic about everything, trying to make the best out of every situation and helping others see hope even in the hardest times. This has helped me a lot growing up and it is what’s keeping me going every day.


WC: What is your favorite thing about Westerfield College and why?

Elochukwu: I love the fact that we can make friends possibly for a lifetime within a few months.


WC: Name one thing you cannot live without

Elochukwu: I can’t live without music


elochukwu 2 2


WC: Name the country/university you would love to further your studies

Elochukwu: Caribbean Medical University(CMU)


WC: What are your hobbies?

Elochukwu: Listening to music, watching movies, dancing.


WC: State three adjectives that describe you

Elochukwu: Fun, Loyal and Intelligent.

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