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Trips and Activities

School trips and activities are a powerful and positive teaching tool, which not only help teach life skills but also improve independence, by helping to enhance the social, personal and emotional development of students.

We provide a broad and enriching range of educational visits and opportunities, both during and outside the school hours. The number and types of trips varies each year. Students are notified of visits in their lessons and parents/guardians will receive information about the trip and its costs.

Some trips are offered for the full year group, others are limited or are part of the course being studied. However, this is made clear in the information sent along with costs involved.

Opportunities for trips or visits may also occur during the year but we endeavour to give as much notice as possible. Equally some trips may be canceled if there is a lack of interest.

We also organise many in-house activities to enhance the students learning experience.

Examples of such trips include:

  • Beach activities
  • Cinemas
  • Excursion
  • Educational tour

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