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4 Easy Tips to Help You Reach Your Reading Goals

4 Easy Tips to Help You Reach Your Reading Goals

With a new academic session upon us, an essential aspect of reading is GOAL-SETTING.

It is important to set your personal reading goals as it goes a long way in helping you take action in building excellent reading skills and making you more mindful of the improvement/progress you make.

Here are a few useful tips to help you set and achieve your reading
goals this season:

  • Join a reading group

Being around other people who are passionate about reading is inspiring and can motivate you in achieving your reading goals.

  • Create a reading schedule and stick to it

Set aside specific times every day to read. Put away distractions that may hinder your reading time.

  • Take notes

Once you start reading, it’s a good idea to keep organized notes about what you have read.

This would be helpful when you need to revisit some information at a later date.

  • Choose a reading time

Make reading part of your daily routine. Set aside a specific period each day for reading.

Reading for at least 30-40 minutes a day is a great start and would help you develop a concrete reading habit that supports your reading goals.

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